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I'm running to serve again on the City Council because I love Northampton, and I love Ward 3.

        Representing Ward 3 on the City Council has been the greatest honor I ever had. I feel fortunate to live in an extraordinary part of an extraordinary city and be able to work towards progress on behalf of my community.

        Ward 3 is a diverse place, but I believe we are united by many common principles. After one term, I am more convinced than ever that positive change is possible when we work together.

        Finally, while I try to bring optimism to this job, I believe the City Council can continue to do better. We must constantly try to improve, and I am including some ideas below that I would like to explore to help the Council better serve the public.


        p.s. - Join me for my Campaign Kickoff on Tuesday, June 30th!

Ideas & Priorities

Progressive Utilities Reform
We should reform our water and sewer rates to make them more progressive and give low-income people a break. To do this, we can explore ideas like tiered fees to reward conservation as well as discounts for low-income seniors.

Modernizing Council Rules
We should revamp the Council's rules and committee system just as the Mayor has overhauled the executive branch. Among the changes I will put forward will be creating a new committee tasked with finding ways to work regionally and to propose more special legislation to the legislature that would benefit Northampton.

Our Local Economy
It's time for a fresh look at our local economic challenges. We must take sensible steps like improving downtown parking, but also not shy away from big ideas. For example, we can explore a self-financing municipal broadband network, as Council President Dwight has suggested and other communities have done.

We must also strengthen our creative economy. I will work to ensure the new Center for the Arts enjoys a stronger partnership with the city, and look for new opportunities to allow the arts to prosper here.

This is possibly our greatest challenge as a city. We need to take a serious look at the entire range of affordability. No single solution will emerge, but we cannot ignore the problem. Northampton loses something special when people are squeezed out because the city is unaffordable to those of modest means.

Our Schools
The mission of a public school is not just to sustain high test scores, but to help our kids grow intellectually and spiritually as human beings, and to inspire a love of learning that will support them throughout their lives.

To this end, I will continue to advocate for a progressive tax code that takes the burden off middle-income families and the poor, while funding our schools.

Revitalize Pleasant Street
Pleasant Street is a vital gateway to downtown Northampton, and in many ways our second Main Street. It should be a central focus of economic and community development in Northampton. I will be an advocate for this effort at every step of the process.

Traffic and
Pedestrian Safety
As Chair of the Transportation and Parking Commission, I work with the Department of Public Works, Police Department and Planning to improve pedestrian safety in the City. A lot of work remains to be done, however. We need a comprehensive plan on this subject, specifically with regards to the gateways to our City such as on Bridge St, King St, and Pleasant St.

Environmental Leadership
I believe we can continue to make progress on issues of energy and sustainability in Northampton, despite the obstacles imposed on us by other levels of government.

Let's expand opportunities for solar energy, and explore ways to reduce waste. If we approach this challenge correctly, our efforts will also save residents money.

Please let me know what you think. Contact me directly at (413) 570-3159 any time.

Ward 3 Residents
Supporting Ryan in 2015

Ed Antosz
Adele Antosz
Fernando Armstrong-Fumero
Richard Aronstein
Leigh Bailey
Dwight Beebe
Peter Blanchette
Rachel Borson
Miriam Bourke
Andrew Bourke
Jane Brodwyn
Jonathan Brody
Page Brody
Russell Brooks
Jerry Budgar
Tom Burton
Marvin Cable
Rob Camarata
Phyllis Capers
Ray Capers
Perry Carter
Nancy Chamberlin
Kate Childs
Kamas Choi
Leonard Cohen
Amy Cohen
Dave Collins
Johanna Collins
Ann Creely
Helen Curtin
Charles Curtin
Laurel Curylo
Eliza D'Agostino
Joel Dansky
Joe Defazio
Renee Denenfeld
Dave Dersham
Jennifer Dieringer
Charles Dragon
Steve Eyles
Nancy Felton
Chris Figge
Jack Finn
Priscilla Finn
Tim Fisher
Kelsey Flynn
Ruth Folchman
Patricia Formant
Lou Franco
John Frey
Tamatha Gaumnitz
Marian Geller
Mandy Gerry
Bernadette Giblin
Greg Goff
Dana Goldblatt
Duke Goldman
Darla Gormley
Daniel Grose
Steve Hathaway
James Hatzis
Dennis Helmus
Dr. Melvin Hershkowitz
Toni Hochstadt
Sarah Hougen
Eddy Hougen
Luke Jaeger
Spirit Joseph
Danielle Kelly
Chelsea Kline
Greg Kline
Ethan Kolek
Daniel Kramer
Susan Lantz
Mary Lastowski
George Lenker
Dora Lewis
Joanne Mackiewicz
Bill Mackiewicz
Dianne Mackler
Tammy Maginnis
Robin Maltz
Shoshana Marchand
Jacqui McCreanor
Maureen McMahon
Nancy Mihvec
Howard Moore
Alison Morse
Holly Mott
Wendy Newton
David Newton
Ellen Nigrosh
Barry Nigrosh
Sally Noble
Jennifer Normanly
Jaime Olander
Carolyn Oppenheim
Priscilla Page
Gloria Parker
Brigitte Parot
Dave Pascucci
Dan Peters
Kristin Racicot
Joan Rasool
Bob Reckman
Betsy Rider
Graham Ridley
Wendy Robinson
Nykole Roche
Harriet Rogers
Steve Rogers
Alexandra Russell
Tina Sanchez
Katherine Sanderson
Kathy Service
Becky Shannon
Hannah Shaughnessy
Shannon Shaw
Lydia Shields
Ingrid Shockey
Glenn Siegel
Anne Smith
Joel Spiro
Sydney Stern
Kim Stillwell
Susan Stinson
Lu Stone
Jon Thomas
Lee Thomson
Roz Torrey
Linda Tropp
J Vaughn
Lauren Voyer
Marie Waechter
Richard Wagner
Molly Watkins
Madeline Weaver Blanchette
Sam Welson
Sue Welson
Frank Werbinski
Katy Wight
Donna Wilkins-Carmody
Kathy Wilkins-Carmody
ElizaAnn Wilkins-Carmody
Dennison Wolfe
John Wurster
Liz Wynn
Fred Zimnoch
Megan Rubiner Zinn
Fred Zinn

Other Local Endorsements

Council President Bill Dwight
Marilyn Richards
Councilor Gina-Louise Sciarra
Mike Shaughnessy

About Me

        I have proudly represented Ward 3 on the Northampton City Council since January 2014.

        I was born in Springfield in 1980 and went to public schools in the Valley, graduating from UMass in 2002. My mother and father were married at St. Mary's Church and lived for a number of years on Isabella Street. When my parents separated, my mother Laurel moved to Amherst, where I grew up. My grandfather Jim Smith was a public school teacher in Holyoke for 25 years and lived in Easthampton with my grandmother Audrey who transcribed textbooks into braille for visually impaired students.

        I genuinely believe in and value public service, and I think government has a responsibility to work in the public interest. In my professional life, I worked for many years with nonprofit organizations such as Common Cause on issues of campaign finance reform, ethics and government transparency. I continue to do that kind of work today as an independent consultant.

        Before joining the City Council, I was a board member of the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association and the Northampton Living Wage Coalition (now Living Wage Western Mass.) I live on Day Avenue.


Around Ward 3
STAYING IN TOUCH - Made myself available to Ward 3 residents by phone, email and by going door to door. I also held many different issue forums and informal coffee hours.

At one of a series of "Coffee with your Councilor" constituent meetings.

OUR STREETS - Advocated for the repaving of Pomeroy Terrace and other streets in Ward 3. Worked with residents on issues from broken streetlights and drainage problems to new signage to improve traffic conditions.
LOCAL ISSUES - Intervened with Pan-Am Railways when it flouted anti-idling laws along North Street and worked to try and solve the problem.

Progressive Ideas
CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM - Wrote a first of its kind ordinance to cut the amount of money in local politics in half.

Speaking about campaign finance reform at City Hall.

SICK TIME FOR WORKERS - I voted against pay raises for the City Council and the Mayor, but I also wrote an order that would make Northampton the first city in the Commonwealth to accept the state's new Earned Sick Time legislation for other municipal workers. The debate continues about how best to implement this change.
FOUGHT FRACKING PIPELINE - Wrote the first resolution in a Massachusetts city against a proposed fracked gas pipeline that would run through Western Mass, but do nothing to guarantee lower energy prices for residents.

Affordability and Utilities
STORMWATER FIXES - Amended the stormwater ordinance to stop unfair billing of some property owners and to take the burden off people with smaller properties.

Local democracy in action!

NEW HOUSING - Strengthened affordable housing standards in our zoning code. I also fought for the Valley CDC Lumber Yard project on lower Pleasant Street.
ELECTRICITY - Testified before the State Department of Public Utilities to allow Northampton residents to opt into an electricity aggregation program to save money.

Traffic and Pedestrian Issues
TRAFFIC CALMING - As Chair of the Transportation and Parking Commission, I worked on traffic calming and improving pedestrian safety citywide.

At a public forum about Ward 3 infrastructure.

ACCESSIBILITY - Toughened the fine for illegally parking in handicapped parking spaces.
PUBLIC TRANSIT - Testified at a PVTA hearing for the expansion of bus service connecting downtown, the Senior Center and Walter Salvo House to the Survival Center, River Valley Market, and other destinations.

Get In Touch!

Please be in touch with any thoughts or concerns you may have!

(413) 570-3159


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