for the Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester district!

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June 10, 2018
South Hadley Kickoff

Thanks to the wonderful host committee who helped organize our South Hadley Kick-Off!

June 7, 2018
Amherst Select Board Member Alisa Brewer Endorses Ryan

Alisa Brewer is a member of the Select Board in Amherst and served as Amherst Select Board Chair from 2015-2017. She is a former member of the Amherst School Committee.

In her endorsement, Brewer said: "Our next senator has to fight to keep our region relevant. We know Ryan writes progressive legislation and passes it by building effective coalitions."

June 6, 2018
Hadley Select Board Member Molly Keegan Endorses Ryan

Hadley Selectboard Member and former Chair Molly Keegan said about Ryan:

"Leadership isn't just about talking points that resonate with people. It's about listening to and absorbing differing perspectives; it's about being heard. Ryan has the right demeanor, ability to communicate effectively, and work ethic to best represent our entire district."

May 30, 2018
Northampton Kickoff

Thanks to the great crowd that turned out for our Northampton Kick-Off!

May 24, 2018
State Representative John Scibak Endorses Ryan

Rep. John Scibak has served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 2003, after a successful write-in campaign for the 2nd Hampshire District, which overlaps with the senate district in South Hadley and Hadley.

"More than ever, Western Mass needs strong representation at the State House," said Scibak. "We have to make sure that when our next State Senator is sworn in this January, that person is ready to represent our communities, fight for our budget priorities and provide outstanding constituent service beginning on Day 1.

"Ryan's understanding of public policy, his municipal experience as City Council President, as well as his knowledge of public sector budgeting and commitment to constituent services make him uniquely qualified. I am confident that he is up to the challenge and is the best choice to represent this District."

May 11, 2018
Greenfield City Councilor Doug Mayo Endorses Ryan

Truly honored to have the support of Greenfield City Councilor Douglas Mayo!

May 10, 2018
New Supporters in Leverett

Proud to have the support of former State Rep Pat Fiero and Leverett Democratic Town Committee Chair Barbara Tiner in this campaign for State Senate!

May 9, 2018
Three Northampton City Councilors Endorse Ryan for State Senate!

NORTHAMPTON -- Three Northampton City Councilors, former Council President Bill Dwight, current Council Vice-President Gina-Louise Sciarra and Ward 7 Councilor Alisa Klein today endorsed current Council President Ryan O'Donnell for the open state Senate seat representing the Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester District.

The three councilors emphasized not only O'Donnell's progressive positions and record of accomplishment, but the importance of legislative experience to compensate for the sudden loss of seniority in the Western Massachusetts delegation, following the resignation of state Senator Stan Rosenberg, the death of state Rep. Peter Kocot, the upcoming departures of state Reps. John Scibak and Stephen Kulik, and the prior departure of state Rep. Ellen Story.

"Our cities and towns can be easily ignored on Beacon Hill without strong and sharp legislators advocating on our behalf," said Councilor Dwight. "We can be confident Ryan will never let that happen."

Vice-President Sciarra commended O'Donnell's energy and attentiveness: "Ryan is a tireless and meticulous legislator, always looking for creative solutions to problems. He listens to our community, and turns our ideas into concrete action. No one is going to outwork Ryan in the state Senate."

Councilor Klein praised O'Donnell's commitment to progressive issues such as civil rights, campaign finance, affordable housing, living wages, clean energy and single-payer health insurance: "I'm confident Ryan will bring Pioneer Valley values to Beacon Hill, and make sure Beacon Hill doesn't forget about the Pioneer Valley."

The councilors also noted they didn't expect the region's voters to make their decision based on endorsements alone. "The other candidates are all wonderful people who have a lot to offer, and they deserve everyone's full consideration," said Dwight, "But we've seen Ryan's progressive track record and hard work up close, and we want to make sure voters take into account the need for depth of legislative experience at this critical time for our region."



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